Friday, May 4, 2012

Reflection of Lesson

I've taught lessons and mini lessons in other courses previously so I pretty much had an idea of what I was doing. I prepared for my lesson with my lesson plan, handouts and lecture notes. I would not necessarily say that I had a behavior plan. I really had two objectives which were:
Students will be able to solve algebraic expressions using basic algebraic rules. 
Students will be able to evaluate equations using the order of operations. 
I administered a formative assesment which required the students to correct mistakes done on specific problems.  My lesson plan was not executed exactly as it was written because I was a little short on time; however, if I had enough time I feel as though I would have executed the plan accordingly. The most important thing that I tried to teach my students was the basic order of operations. Without knowledge of this principle it would be impossible to incorporate higher math into their education. I think the lesson went well, as I was able to incorporate technology along with the lesson. It seemed as though the students were paying attention and engaging into the lesson. From my students I learned to be patient as math can be difficult at times. To make the lesson even more effective maybe I could have come up with a more engaging activity as an anticapatory set. As far as what I could have done to make the lesson more effective, I thought it was an effective lesson, I'm not really sure what I could have added to the lesson to make it more effective. As far as improvements or changes, I feel very comfortable talking in front of others ( it has taken many years for me to feel comfortable) but I probably should have did a better job of explaining the formative assessment and reading it a few times to make sure everyone would follow the directions. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

I really enjoyed the digital story making process. Tracey and I really put together a good digital story. Reflecting back on the process, there are some things that we could have done better; however, it was a great learning experience. Digital storytelling is a unique way to get a lesson across, and I think that I will experiment with this teaching method when I start teaching. Aside from the lesson learned it the story, I also got a chance to polish my acting skills in the process.
Had a good time creating the bulletin board with my partner Xavier. On the educational side it was good to learn something that I previously did not know. Prior to this assignment, I had no clue what Arbor Day is. Now I am aware of its intent to celebrate, care for, and plant trees. It originated in Nebraska and is typically celebrated on the last friday in April.

Friday, February 24, 2012


My partner was out today so I just browsed the web for some additional tips and ideas. I am pretty sure that we will figure out exactly how we want to put our digital story together once we get the time to work together.


Honestly, Tracey and I are right where we left off from the last class. We have our ideas in order of what we want the focus of our digital story to be which revolves around mathematics, specifically algebra. Hopefully in the coming weeks, Tracey's schedule along with mines allows us to collaborate a little more often so we can begin the developmental stages of our digital story.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Digital Storytelling

My partner (Tracey) and I had a productive discussion about the direction we want to focus on during our digital story. Previously we were lost, and now it is safe to say that we have a strong idea of what we want to do for our story. As of right now it seems as though our story will contain a little (corny) humor, but it will be a great way to get our point across. I am all on board for this assignment.

Digital Story Day 1

Today is the first day session of the digital story. I think that my partner and I (Tracey) will learn how to create a digital story that reflects what we want to do with our lesson plan. It will revolve around some form of mathematics. Last week's class really clarified the digital story for me. I'm not as computer savy as some of my peers, so today I would like to learn how to make a digital story that will be informative as well as entertaining. Initially, I did not know what the digital story was, and previously I never heard of them. I have yet to buy the textbook for the course, so hopefully I can purchase one soon because I'm pretty sure that it would help create ideas that reflect what we as a group want to accomplish.